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  • Lady Million
    EDP Spray 30ml

    Transform yourself in a stunning femme fatale with Paco Rabanne Lady Million, a daring scent that emulates the ideal woman. Sexy, sultry, glamorous and independent, ladies wearing this scent will feel totally in control. And, for added benefit, the stylish bottle design is sure to intrigue. Lady Million is famous for its notes of: Orange flower Raspberry Honey Buy Paco Rabanne Lady Million today, or get in touch if you have any questions.

    30ml - £ 34.50


  • Pink Friday
    EDP Spray 30ml

    Indulge in Nicki Minaj’s eccentric taste with this sugary-sweet fragrance, which shares its name with her first studio album, ‘Pink Friday’. This Nicki Minaj eau de parfum is exciting, invigorating and absolutely intoxicating, with indulgent scents that ladies everywhere will fall for instantly.

    30ml - £ 18.95


  • Obsession For Women
    EDP Spray 30ml

    Obsession For Women is a beautifully powerful fragrance created to give your sensuality and confidence a boost. It has an irresistible appeal making it impossible for men to stay away. Calvin Klein designed the fragrance to add to a woman's passion within a romantic relationship. With notes of vanilla, spices and vetiver, this fragrance has a spiciness that will heat up your relationship and make any woman feel desirable. Featured notes: Spices Sandalwood Jasmine

    30ml - £ 24.50


  • Angel
    EDP Spray 25ml

    Enjoy this sweetly-scented fragrance from Thierry Mugler by buying it from Essential Fragrances now. Angel is a beautiful Thierry Mugler eau de parfum, with a mixture of rich honey notes and fruity accords. The scent has great sillage and longevity to give you even better value for money. Featured notes: Honey, Blackberry, Orchid

    25ml - £ 42.00


  • Deep Red
    EDP Spray 30ml

    Ideal for strong, active women, Boss Deep Red is a fruity-floral fragrance with vibrant notes that are impossible not to notice. This freshly-scented Boss eau de parfum has strong notes throughout it, and features excellent longevity and sillage that will prevent you from having to top-up your scent all day long. Featured notes: Blackcurrant, Ginger, Vanilla

    30ml - £ 24.50


  • Alien
    EDP Spray 15ml

    The Thierry Mugler eau de parfum ‘Alien’ is famous for its unusual bottle design and intriguing scent, which really does inspire the image of an ethereal woman from another planet. It’s light and refreshing, while also being deep and mysterious, and it’s perfect for nighttime wearing. Buy Alien at Essential Fragrances now. Featured notes: Jasmine, Woody Notes, Amber

    15ml - £ 24.95


  • Jimmy Choo
    EDT Spray 40ml

    Jimmy Choo eau de toilette has a radiant aroma which has a dazzling effect on a room. It is a sensual, classic fragrance ideal for wearing both during the day and night. This sophisticated fragrance has notes of ginger, tiger orchid and vibrant wood giving it a sweet earthy scent. If you’re looking for a feminine fragrance to wear during the day, to parties and other evening events, the Jimmy Choo eau de toilette is the perfect choice. Featured notes: Tea Rose, Cedarwood, Ginger

    40ml - £ 26.95


  • Girlfriend
    30ml EDP Spray

    Justin Biebers ‘ Girlfriend’ eau de parfum is a flirty and feminine fragrance for her; created with Justin’s dream girl in mind. The fruity, floral fusion sets of all the girls’ pulses racing and is the perfume all Justin Bieber fans must have. It’s a fun colorful scent that draws people closer with its addictive sultry tones and its juicy blackberry explosives along with top notes of Mandarin, Sparkling Pear, Blackberry and strawberry. Notes: mandarin, strawberry, pear, blackberry.

    - £ 16.80


  • Flowerbomb
    50ml EDT Spray

    Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf is a unique fragrance of fruitiness and delicious floral addictions; perfect for women who are sophisticated and confident with a strong mind. The oriental eau de toilette spray includes floral and opulent scents with top notes of fresh and sweet accords including pure bergamot, green tea and jasmine along with milky and powdery notes to fondle our skin. Notes: green tea, jasmine, bergamot.

    - £ 49.20


  • Classique
    EDP Spray 50ml

    Jean Paul Gaultier Classique eau de parfum is a light floral fragrance made for women. It has a sweet refreshing scent which highlights the femininity of the perfume making in noticeable amongst other fragrances. This designer perfume is highly elegant and has been encased in a female shaped bottle outlining the beauty of voluptuous women. The top notes found in this fragrance are: Rose Star Anise Orange Blossom

    - £ 39.50


  • James Bond 007
    EDT Spray 30ml

    For the ultimate masculine scent, choose the James Bond 007 fragrance. This distinct fragrance is designed for men that want to convey an image of rugged style. From the sophisticated bottle to the refined scent, this eau de toilette will ensure you can be Bond - James Bond. This fragrance features notes of: English Apple Lavender Haitian Vetiver Choose your ideal bottle size today, and get in touch if you need any assistance.

    30ml - £ 16.86


  • 1 Million
    EDT Spray 50ml

    For men with high aspirations, Paco Rabanne 1 Million is sure to help get you there. This scent is heady and luxurious, bringing to mind visions of fast cars and beautiful women. Sexy, yet sophisticated, choose 1 Million if you want to feel like the most important man in the room. The fragrance notes include: Grapefruit Blood orange Spiced cinnamon Select your ideal size of 1 Million today, and contact us if you need any assistance.

    50ml - £ 35.99


  • Le Male
    EDT Spray 75ml

    Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances are known for their delicate use of top, middle and base notes, and this classic fragrance for men has become a favourite for many. Distinctively minty, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a bold choice that also managed to linger sensually, representing the ultimate male scent in its combination of notes. Le Male features notes of: Mint Cinnamon Vanilla

    75ml - £ 32.50


  • Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme
    EDT Spray, 50ml

    Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme is a scent designed for those that want to indulge in their guilty pleasures. This fragrance for men is set apart from its counterparts thanks to its audacious scent, which inspires provocation and addiction, giving you a truly noticeable presence. Try this Gucci eau de toilette out today. Featured notes: Green coriander Orange blossom Patchouli

    50ml - £ 34.50


  • Joop! Homme
    EDT Spray 125ml

    Joop! Homme is a rich classic fragrance and is a pure statement of masculinity. It has a spicy, oriental scent ideal for sophisticated masculine men who’re looking for a scent that can be worn day-to-day. It has a warm aroma making the fragrance suitable for wearing during any season throughout the year. Featured notes: Cinnamon, orange blossom, amber

    - £ 38.95


  • Boss in Motion
    EDT Spray 40ml

    For a dynamic fragrance for the modern man, choose Boss in Motion from Hugo Boss. This energetic fragrance is designed for the man that’s constantly pushing boundaries and conquering challenges, no matter how large or small. Become the ultimate man with this fresh Hugo Boss eau de toilette, available at Essential Fragrances now. Featured notes: Orange Cinnamon Sandalwood

    40ml - £ 26.50


  • Only the Brave
    EDT Spray 35ml

    Only the Brave is a strong scented fragrance representing strength, masculinity and power. The bottle is sculpted in the shape of a fist to show how daring this fragrance really is. Only the Brave by Diesel is a fragrance filled with attitude and and expresses superiority. The perfume has a memorable scent and is for the modern man. Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Coriander Leaves

    35ml - £ 28.35


  • Emporio He
    EDT Spray 30ml

    This Giorgio Armani eau de toilette has taken modern masculinity and bottled it, with Emporio He being the fruits of this famous fashion house’s efforts. Emporio He is a fragrance with sensual, woody notes that are natural and alluring. Choose this dynamic scent today. Featured notes: Sweet Citrus, Vetiver, Musk

    30ml - £ 29.99


  • Spicebomb
    50ml EDT Spray

    Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb is an addictive explosion of spices and woody accords ideal for men who are confident and sophisticated. This eau de toilette is presented in a luxurious grenade-shaped bottle, which conveys muscular men and masculinity; perfect to wear during the winter whilst developing well throughout the night. Notes: pink pepper, bergamot, elemi, grape fruit.

    - £ 46.78


  • Armani Code
    30ml EDP Spray

    The Armani Code for Women is sensual and warming, giving wearers all the attention they deserve. With its citrus opening and middle, the fragrance is then completed with a rich combination of vanilla and honey. Now one of the most popular Giorgio Armani eau de parfum products around, and you can buy it from Essential Fragrances today. Featured notes: Italian Orange, Jasmine, Honey

    - £ 32.99


  • Lady Million Gift Set
    80ml EDP, 100ml Body Lotion

    Attain beautifully soft skin while adding the delicate scent of Paco Rabanne Lady Million to your body. This beautiful scent is ideal for strong women that want to convey an image of sensuality, sexuality and femininity, while still seeming unattainable. Featured Notes: Arabian jasmine, Fleshy raspberry, Patchouli

    80ml - £ 67.50


  • Fuel For Life Gift Set
    50ml EDT, 50ml Body Lotion

    This amazing gift set from Diesel includes the ever-popular eau de toilette, which is sensual and fragrant. And, even better, it also includes the body lotion from the same range, so you can enjoy this scent even more. Whether you buy this gift set for yourself or for a friend or relative, we're sure you'll love it. Fragrance Notes: Raspberry, Star Anise, Piperonal

    Various - £ 43.50


  • Womanity Gift Set
    50ml EDP, 30ml Body Milk

    Womanity celebrates all things feminine, and so if you’re on the hunt for a present or gift for a special lady in your life, this Womanity gift set would be ideal. It includes the Thierry Mugler eau de parfum spray, body milk and all of the items in this gift set are scented with the fruity, light scent of Womanity. Featured notes: Fig, Caviar, Fig Leaves

    Various - £ 45.95


  • Secret Obsession Gift Set
    100 EDP, 100 Body Lotion

    Secret Obsession Gift Set by Calvin Klein includes 100ml eau de toilette spray and 100ml body lotion. Both products have a natural scent with notes of exotic plum and cashmere wood. The perfume is perfect for wearing throughout the day, when going to working or attending events, and the body lotion is a soothing, silky moisturiser designed to soften and lightly scent the skin. Ideal for active, on-the-go women looking for a sweet smelling fragrance. Featured notes: Exotic plum Tuberose Cashmere wood

    Various - £ 39.98


  • Euphoria Gift Set
    100ml EDT & 75ml Deodorant Stick (Alcohol Free)

    Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. An addictive fresh scent with modern sensuality whilst being sophisticated. Top notes are ginger and pepper. This spray is soft, clean and sexy being crisp yet sensual. The fragrance is ideal to wear during the daytime all year round. Featured Notes: Ginger Pepper Black basil

    - £ 41.24


  • XX Gift Set
    60ml EDT & 150ml Body Lotion

    A white floral and fruited scented fragrance along with woody accords. This eau de toilette spray is sensual, and seductive dedicated to a mature and glamorous woman. Fresh notes of mandarin, blueberry and litchi with intensive jasmine and luscious rose along with a warm base of amber and sensual musk. This fragrance is spring, summer and autumn and great for developing during daytime. Featured Notes: Amber Musk Rose

    - £ 34.88


  • Girlfriend Gift Set
    30ml EDP & 100ml Body Lotion

    Experience the sweet embrace of fruitiness and floral scent of Justin Biebers girlfriend perfume. A fragrance described as flirty and inviting. This eau de parfum is a daytime use perfume for the summer time. Inspired with confidence and draws people closer with addiction and attraction. Top notes of strawberry, vanilla, orchid and pink freesia in a colorful pink and purple slim bottle. Featured Notes: Strawberry Vanilla Orchid Pink freesia

    - £ 24.99


  • Candy Gift Set
    80ml EDP & 75ml Body Lotion

    Prada Candy is s pure indulgence with combining high quality ingredients. It is the scent of confidence for those who sense of self and sensuality. A unique and provocative cocktail that impossible to ignore. An elegant mix of musk with sweet modern caramel. Ideal to use during the Autumn time and great to develop during the day. Featured Notes: Musk Benzoin Caramel

    - £ 69.99


  • Alien Gift Set
    30ml EDP, 100ml Body Lotion & 30ml Shower Gel

    A magical fragrance with a spread of mysterious aura. A bottle designed in the shape of a strange object in a deep and mysterious purple color. A fragrance ideal for wearing in over the nighttime and a good developer for the wintertime. Thierry Muglers most popular perfume yet. Top notes of Amber, jasmine and woodsy notes. Featured Notes: Amber Jasmine Woodsy notes

    - £ 45.95


  • Classique Gift Set
    50ml EDT Spray & 75ml Body Lotion

    Jean Paul Gaultier Classique eau de toilette is a light floral fragrance made for women. It has a sweet refreshing scent which highlights the femininity of the perfume making in noticeable amongst other fragrances. This designer perfume is highly elegant and has been encased in a female shaped bottle outlining the beauty of voluptuous women. The top notes found in this fragrance are: Rose Star Anise Orange Blossom

    - £ 45.50


  • Fuel For Life Gift Set
    50ml EDT, 50ml Body Lotion

    This amazing gift set from Diesel includes the ever-popular eau de toilette, which is sensual and fragrant. And, even better, it also includes the body lotion from the same range, so you can enjoy this scent even more. Whether you buy this gift set for yourself or for a friend or relative, we're sure you'll love it. Fragrance Notes: Raspberry, Star Anise, Piperonal

    Various - £ 43.50


  • L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Gift Set
    75ML EDT, 75ML Shower Gel

    Containing the original L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme eau de toilette and shower gel from Issey Miyake, this gift set is the ideal choice if you’re on the hunt for a present. You could even buy this set for yourself if you want to enjoy the classic woody scent of this fragrance. Pick up your own Issey Miyake gift set here today. Featured Notes: Tarragon, Cinnamon, Sandalwood

    Various - £ 45.65


  • Boss Bottled Night Gift Set
    100ml EDT, 75ml Deodorant

    If you love the scent of Boss Bottled Night, you can make the most of this excellent gift set to get yourself the eau de toilette spray and the deodorant. This Hugo Boss gift set would also work wonders as a present for an important man in your life. The scent is masculine, passionate and seductive, and conveys an image of the ultimate man. Featured notes: Lavender, Violet, Musk

    Various - £ 49.95


  • Diamonds Gift Set
    50 EDT Spray, 75 Shower Gel, 75ml Aftershave Balm

    A truly heavenly scent collection that’s become a fast favourite among men on the hunt for sweet yet sensual fragrances and products to wow with. This gift set includes the eau de toilette, shower gel and aftershave balm, so you can enjoy this fragrance all the time. Featured notes: Bergamot, Vetiver, Cacao

    Various - £ 48.95


  • Le Male Gift Set
    75ml EDT & 100ml Shower Gel

    Le Male is a popular men’s fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier, and this gift set includes the eau de toilette and the shower gel, which has been specially formulated to provide long-lasting freshness. Choose this gift set if you’re searching for a great present, or if you want to treat yourself to something special. Packed with amazing notes and with excellent sillage, this scent is ideal for all men. Fragrance notes: Wormwood Lavender Cinnamon

    Various - £ 49.99


  • CK One Gift Set
    50ml EDT & 100ml Body Wash

    CK One by Calvin Klein is a classic, citrus aromatic fragrance for both men and women. Top notes of pineapple, green notes and mandarin orange. A powerful fragrance that develops well through the daytime use and both summer and spring seasonings. Held in a tall but wide bottle with a romantic and hot scent making you feel sexy and fresh. Featured Notes: Pineapple Mandarin Rose

    - £ 22.74


  • Cool Water Gift Set
    30ml EDT, 50ml Shower Gel & 50ml Body Lotion

    Cool water is a fragrance that is very calm with aquatic notes to remind us of seawater, fruits and woods. Top notes are luscious, cool and aquatic with Citrus, Honeydew Melon, Quince, and Pineapple. A bright, sparkling fragrance with an opening of crushed mint and melon. Featured Notes: Mint Melon Pineapple

    - £ 29.14


  • JOOP! Homme Gift Set
    30ml EDT & 75ml Shower Gel

    JOOP! ‘Homme’ is an oriental fragrance with a celebration of masculine sensuality. It is a cooling and refreshing fragrance with spiciness and a sensual oriental character. The eau de toilette spray has its own unique signature and includes Top Notes of Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot, Orange Blossom Featured Notes: Mandarin Lemon Bergamot Orange

    - £ 27.25


  • Invictus Gift Set
    100ml EDT & 100ml Body Shampoo

    Paco Rabanne Invictus represents fresh and sporty creation in relation to the other perfumes of the house. The eau de toilette spray includes fresh grapefruit and a marine accord. It is ideal to wear during the summer and great for developing during the daytime. The bottle is designed in the form of a trophy to show it is a trophy awarding fragrance that everyone must have. Featured Notes: Grapefruit Patchouli Jasmine

    - £ 64.50


  • 1 Million Gift Set
    50ml EDT Spray & Shower Gel

    Paco Rabanne's One million is announced as a fresh and sensual blend of notes, with glittery shine of gold. It represents power and wealth with its top notes of sparkling grapefruit, red orange, mint, rose, cinnamon, spices, blond leather, blond wood, patchouli and amber. A warm spice of cinnamon perfect to wear during the nighttime. Featured Notes: Grapefruit Red orange Mint

    - £ 44.99


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